Rev. Monsignor Michael F. Kosak
Apostolic Prothonotary Supernumerary

Msgr. Kosak


Here is an English translation of the Certificate presented to Rev. Monsignor Kosak by
Bishop Bevard.

Benedictus XVI, Pont. Max.

Dear Sons,

Greetings and Apostolic blessings!

You are joined to us by your kind prayers. Since we are certain that because of your very special and outstanding talents, as reflected by your study and zealous efforts in advancing our Catholic ideals, we now express publicly our best wishes to

Michael Francis Kosak,

by selecting you as


Therefore, we announce and bestow upon you these privileges and honors. We also grant special prerogatives with this dignity which, by order of the office of the Papal Secretary, have been joined with other mandates as is fitting in accord with the law of the Church.

Given at the Vatican, July 12, 2010.


His Eminence Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone
Secretary of State


(Explanation of the Title)

Rev. Monsignor Michael F. Kosak
Apostolic Prothonotary Supernumerary

Apostolic protonotary supernumerary — The title is awarded to priests by the pope, however the title is purely honorary and is not attached to any duties in the Curia — this is the type of protonotary found outside of Rome, and it is considered the highest grade of monsignor found in most dioceses. Priests so honored are addressed as "reverend monsignor", may put the post-nominal letters "P.A." after their names, may wear the purple choir cassock (with surplice) for liturgical services, the black cassock with red piping and purple sash at other times, and may add the purple ferraiuolo to this for formal non-liturgical ceremonies.

The award was given at the Vatican, July 12, 2010 and presented by Bishop Herbert Bevard at St. Ann Church, St. Croix, V.I., Nov. 28, 2010