(From the Bulletin of Sts. Joachim and Ann Catholic Church, June 11, 2017)


The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

      Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, one God in Three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The words "Holy Spirit" and "Holy Ghost" are interchangeable, since "spirit" is directly translated from the Latin "Sanctus Spiritus"-while "ghost" is the Old English word for spirit.
Logic doesn't carry us very far in trying to explain the mystery of three Persons in one God. St. Anselm had it right a longtime ago when he wrote, "I don't understand so that I can believe; I believe so that I can understand." Just believe Jesus' teaching that there is a Holy Trinity.

      From there, let's look at our heart's experience of God's beauty, His wisdom, His mercy and His limitless love. It's as though someone were to ask you, "Do you believe in sunsets, or mountain tops, or starry nights?" We'd tell them, "Just go out and watch a sunset, just go up and sit on a mountain top, just go out on a warm summer evening, lie on your back, and gaze up at a sky filled with stars!"

      God is powerful, and eternally in motion. Think of a celebration that never comes to an end. At a celebration, there are people, there's action, music, food and drink and a good time. So, the life of the Holy Trinity is like an eternal party. God the Father loves the Son without interruption and the Son returns that Love with every breath of His being and that breath becomes the Holy Spirit of Them both, full of the power of love and jubilant motion.

     God the Father is like a beautiful sunset, soothing and quieting my soul

     God the Son is like a lover, forgiving and tender, feeding my hunger, satisfying my desire.

     And the Holy Spirit is like a hot scorching fire, a whirlwind of inspiration, stirring me to intense praise and dynamic action.

      Through faith, we believe that this Holy Trinity actually dwells inside the souls of the baptized when they are in a state of grace. Our only proper response to that awesome truth is: Wow!

      No wonder we speak of the dignity of the Christian.

      0 God, Holy Trinity, I gaze at the wonder of Your beauty, I glow with the light of Your Truth, I burn with the excitement of Your Life! When will I see You face to face?

     Fr. Louis Kemayou, Pastor




0 God, Thou who art one in nature and
three in persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
first cause and last end of all creatures,
the infinite Good, incomprehensible
and ineffable, my Creator, my Redeemer,
and my Sanctifier, I believe in Thee,
I hope in Thee, and
I love Thee with all my heart.
In the midst of Thine infinite happiness,
Thou didst choose me,
through no merits of mine, in preference
to countless other creatures, who would
doubtless have corresponded with
Thy blessings better than I have done;
Thou didst love me from eternity;
and when my hour in time had come,
Thou didst draw me from nothingness
into earthly existence and didst bestow
upon me Thy grace, as a pledge of
everlasting life.
From the depths of my misery,
I adore Thee and I give Thee thanks.
Thy holy Name was invoked over
my cradle to be my profession of faith,
my plan of action, and the only goal of
my earthly pilgrimage;
Grant, 0 most Holy Trinity,
that I may ever be inspired by this faith,
and may carry out this plan with perseverance,
so that, when I have reached
the end of my journey upon earth,
I may be able to fix my gaze upon
the blessed splendors of Thy glory.