(From the Bulletin of Sts. Joachim and Ann Catholic Church, May 28, 2017)


Seventh Sunday of Easter

      God's truths are the bedrock for freedom, justice and responsible striving for the common good, that all in our nation and abroad may sit in dignity at God's table of plenty.

      Thinking about this Sunday's readings, the apostles experienced a similar nostalgia of a good friend’s departure nearly two thousand years ago. Just when they were getting used to their amazing glimpses of the Risen Christ, appearing here and there so dramatically, He suddenly ascended into the air before their eyes, and was lost to sight in the clouds. They must have thought in dismay, "He's left us again!" So what did they do? They withdrew together to pray and to ponder what He had taught them. Wisely, they invoked the intercession of Mary in those nine days of waiting for the Holy Spirit.

      They must have remembered what Jesus had said to them: "If you really love me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father." In other words, "I have a better way to remain with you. I will live in you and in the Church through my Spirit and in my Vicar." And did they remember that wonderful farewell address in that same upper room just a few weeks before at that strange, sacred meal the night before He died? Did they now understand the reason for his institution of the Eucharist; that He might remain with them always?

      On this Seventh Sunday, just as did the apostles, we too reflect on this new amazing life in the Spirit that will become a reality on Pentecost. It's a good idea that we spend some time reflecting on this spiritual and reel presence of Christ. When we think ourselves alone and abandoned, when the contrary spirit of the world depresses us, Christ is there! When we are tempted to give up, to feel far from God, Christ is there through the Spirit!

      What Christ really wants of us modern-day followers, is concrete, lasting action, a living out of His Truth. We must go simply and deliberately into our souls daily—into the cores of our being—and there listen to Him in silence. Then, strengthened by His grace, we can confidently go about our Mission. We need that grace more than ever in these days of rebuilding our Virgin Islands, our nation and our world.

     Fr. Louis Kemayou, Pastor