(From the Bulletin of Sts. Joachim and Ann Catholic Church, January 8, 2017)


The Epiphany of the Lord—A

      The theme of the Epiphany really completes the spirit of the Mass for Christmas Day. Isaiah had foretold that "all the ends of the earth will behold the salvation of our God." And the Gospel for that Mass had promised that all people would eventually be the chosen ones. "To those who did accept Him, He gave power to become children of God (Tsxvcx Geo)." Now, on the Epiphany, the light from the skies is intensified a hundred, a thousand fold and the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that "nations shall walk by your light, and kings by your shining radiance."

      To the amazement of all in that region, there come foreign camels bearing foreign scholars-wise men-kings! Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh! What courage and perseverance those strangers have shown, to brave the dangers of travel, skepticism, and political intrigue. But they found what they were looking for. That star gave trustworthy guidance and now triumphantly shines as guard over the lowly dwelling wherein rests the child who possesses all meaning. They fall to their knees in homage, for their learning has made them humble, and their wisdom leads them to recognize the Divine in the fragile flesh of a child.

      What a silent Adoration! What loving glances they exchange with Mary and Joseph!

      But for all their simple faith, their wisdom is sharp enough to detect the sham delight and murderous intentions of the clever Herod. And so they pay their respects, leave their gifts and modestly depart for their homeland, sorrowfully aware of the terrible price justice must pay for Peace.

      Their role in history has been accomplished: to teach us all to follow the guidance of the Almighty, to accept our own role as Bearers of the Light and to follow this Christ into His Mission. To partake of His Passion and to join the millions through the ages who will preach His Gospel of universal salvation.

      0 princely Child, make of us all, wise men, courageous women, obedient children who will follow wherever You lead us. That means being faithful to prayer, sharing our faith with others, taking part when possible in prayer meeting. This is the way for us to be light-bearers, lighting up the darkness and confusion in our parish family and in the world in which we live.

Fr. Louis Kemayou, Pastor